Starting a New Adventure

This past Monday I resigned my position at Riley.
My last day of work will be 24 years exactly since my date of hiring. I am not retiring quite the contrary I will be even busier! I am relocating and I will be in a private practice of allergy seeing both children and adults. This is a new adventure for me. I have done the HMO, the academic, and now the world of private practice allergy.
I will be at ‘Allergy Partners of Columbus Indiana 815 Schnier Street, Columbus, Indiana 47201.The phone number 812-378-3131. I will be working with Dr. Petry who established the practice. My start date is May 1st, 2018.
Clearly this website will need a few changes over the next few months.
FEL 1/11/2018

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Peanut Allergy; An Epidemiologic Analysis of a Large Database

Got published!!

My thanks to the families who signed on to the registry and my thanks to Food Allergy Support Indianapolis (FASI) for the focus of this report. This was also supported by FARE.

FEL 12/14/2017

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FARE Patient Registry

It has been a very busy past few weeks. I have been remiss with postings. My plan is to get caught up. Hopefully, I can share the end of days for pollens in 2017. However- this is a very hot topic to share and this is a recruiting posting.
FARE has a registry. It is for those who have a food allergy abd for those who care for someone with a food allergy (parent).
Registries are a good thing and I encourage you to sign on. The Journal of Pediatrics accepted my paper on the peanut registry- it should be available shortly. Interestingly, not only will this be online as a contribution/paper but will be accompanied by a short (5 minute) slide show with audio that I was given the opportunity to create for the paper.
I signed on and sent invites to my three children to do the same.
FARE Registry Redo 1
FEL 11/14/2017

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Indianapolis Pollen Counts for Tuesday October 3rd Through Sunday October 8th, 2017

When there is low activity it makes more sense to post a few days worth of counts. This summary is from last Tuesday through Sunday.

Ragweed has been low with barely a ragweed pollen to count on Saturday and Sunday.

Oddly enough grass is still present with a moderate level of 5 on Tuesday and Wednesday followed by detectable but very low levels for the next 4 days (0.5 and 0.2 of a pollen grain of grass).

Ragweed Pollen 10-9-17







FEL 10/9/2017

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A message to share with your children.

A most terrible thing happened last week. We lost our 14 year old nephew. At the mass, Father James McPhillips gave a sermon. This sermon not only celebrated Kyle’s life, it also included a most powerful message to the young people who were in attendance. This was most touching. Father’s message was from the heart. I realize that not many young people read this blog, but parents do. I have taken the message from the homily. Share it with your children.

Taken in from the homily 


Again, at a time like this— words seem very empty—But Id like to address some words to the young people here today

Kyle was really a good kid, but even good kids do foolish things sometimes—and what Kyle did the other daywas really really really foolish

You’ve got to know how precious your lives are

Each one of you is a special gift of God to our world

Each one of you are a unique presence of the Lord in our midst for you are made in His image and likeness

You are a one and only creation of God-the person you are with your unique gifts and talents, hopes and struggles will never be repeated in this world

I know its hard at times for you to believe how much you are loved and appreciated because those of us who are older don’t always make it clear how much you mean to us – how much you mean to God

A lot of times we presume you know how much you’re treasured – the truth is:

You’re our hope for the future and our joy in the present

When we have bad days-get discouraged-or have struggles—you’re the ones who make it all seem worthwhile

Please don’t ever doubt how precious you are or how valuable your lives are

Life is often hard—but at the same timeLife is good- it’s a gift from God

Today the Catholic Church celebrates throughout the world the feast of ‘the exaltation of the cross- I invite you to reflect on the crucifix

The fact is – God does His best work through the cross – if we let Him

You see – it’s especially in the hard times of life that God can form our character- ”In the midst of struggles He can form us to be people of courage- ‘people of compassion”people willing to give and sacrifice for others

That’s at the heart of love-giving of self for others—and it’s usually during the struggles of life (the crosses of life) that God can do His best work in making us – making you” – the best you can be

It’s not easy” – but it is good

Sometimes as a people we tend to focus on – “the heartaches” – pain- frustration and disappointments of life

But there is so much love in our world – goodness– and caring

So much joy, happiness and peace if we just open our eyes to it and open our hearts to the Lord

And while we all face struggles at time – we can come through those struggles being better people – more loving people – more compassionate people—the fact is -it’s an adventure – don’t ever give up on the adventure

The Lord calls us to embrace the adventure – that’s what the Lord made us for

He never wants us to give up

Today we come to weep – we mourn with broken hearts because we know how good life is and we mourn that Kyle isn’t here to share the goodness of life with us

But as Christians we also come with great hope – because Kyle did receive God’s saving grace

As Christians we know this isn’t the end of life – but a new beginning

We know the Lord is with us in our heartache and we pray that Kyle will come to share forever with the Lord the joy of heaven

We pray for Kyle and for all those who have gone before us – that they will be – brought into the presence of our Lord

Father James McPhillips

St. Helen’s Church, Burton, Ohio September 14, 2017

FEL 9/18/2017

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School Forms

The phone at the office has been ‘ringing off the hook’. The calls are almost all about school forms.

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Finding A Path To Safety In Food Allergy- a Summation of a review

Critical Issues in Food Allergy- Summarizing a review.

Recently, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine hosted an effort to look at key issues surrounding the public health problem of food allergy. A report, ‘Finding a Path to Safety in Food Allergy: Assessment of the Global Burden, Causes, Prevention, Management, and Public Policy’ was created.

A very nice summation of this work appeared in the journal Pediatrics written by Scott Sicherer, Katrina Allen, Gideon Lack, Steve Taylor, Sharon Donovan, and Maria Oria.

Key points from the review;

  1. Food Allergy involves an immune response and is one of many ways a food can cause a problem.
  2. The true prevalence of food allergy is not known. Best estimates are 1-10% of the population.
  3. Many foods can cause an allergic reaction however the most common responsible for the most serious reactions are cow’s milk, hen’s egg, peanut, tree nuts, and seafood.
  4. It was recommended that physicians use evidence-based standardized procedures as the basis for food allergy diagnosis and avoid Nonstandardized and unproven procedures.
  5. When food allergy is suspected, the patient should be evaluated by someone who has the training and experience to select and interpret appropriate diagnostic tests.
  6. Note the misconception and misunderstanding of widely available tests for food allergy- do not equate a positive skin test or blood test result as having an allergy to the food. These tests ONLY detect IgE antibody. These tests are not intrinsically diagnostic of a food allergy.
  7. The medical history is the key to the diagnosis. Food allergy should be considered when allergic symptoms occur within minutes to hours after the ingestion of a specific food, especially when they have occurred more than once.
  8. Large skin test response or elevated specific IgE levels correlate with higher risks of allergy, but sensitivity and specificity of these tests are often inadequate to confirm a diagnosis.
  9. The oral food challenge, especially when done in a double-blind fashion, is the gold standard for the diagnosis.
  10. Additional tests were not recommended and were considered unproven or non-standardized tests for food allergy include;
    • Allergen specific IgG, IgG4, or IgA
    • Provocation neutralization
    • Immune complexes
    • Human leukocyte antigen screening
    • Lymphocyte stimulation
    • Facial thermography
    • Gastric juice analysis
    • Endoscopic allergen provocation
    • Hair analysis
    • Applied kinesiology
    • Cytotoxic assays
    • Electrodermal testing
    • Mediator release assays
    • Bioresonance
    • Iridology
  11. Since sensitization alone is not diagnostic of allergy, panels of food tests should not be ordered without a rationale.
  12. Early introduction may help prevent the development of food allergy.
  13. There is limited evidence to support or discourage eliminating allergenic foods from the diet of pregnant or lactating women.
  14. Studies on the effects of partially or extensively hydrolyzed infant formulas for preventing food allergy are inconsistent and have flaws in the methods with which they were performed.
  15. Studies on the use of pre or pro biotics also have limits due to the methods used leading to the conclusion that there is no evidence to their use to decrease the risk of a food allergy.
  16. Emergency management focuses on recognition of a situation and the prompt use of epinephrine.
  17. Nutritional monitoring for children with food allergy is a major emphasis.
  18. Attention to the psychosocial part of food allergy is a major emphasis.
  19. The needs to be a major awareness campaign to dispel the myths and misconceptions regarding food allergy.
  20. Food labels need to more helpful and definitive.
  21. Schools and early child care facilities need to be included in efforts to better manage food allergy.
  22. Research needs
    • Determine the actual prevalence of food allergy
    • What is the cost of food allergy?
    • Diagnosis and prognosis
    • Risk factors
    • Prevention
    • Management in health care settings, food establishments, schools, and travel
    • Curative therapies
    • Best modalities for family and physician education about management.
    • Look to barriers to proper testing
    • Educational approaches
  23. Six Major Actions to Achieve Food Allergy Safety
    • Better information on prevalence which in turn is critical to knowing the scope of the problem
    • Improve the quality of diagnosis and provide evidence-based care
    • Evidence-based prevention strategies
    • Improved education and training to recognize, manage, and prevent reactions
    • Develop policies and related practices to help prevent and treat severe reactions
    • Most critical- address research priorities regarding diagnosis, mechanisms, risk determinants,and management. Identifying safe and effective therapies as the ultimate goal.


The original work was very detailed. The Consensus report whittles the details down to key learning points. My summary of the summary is intended for the reader to look further into this.

We have a FARE Center of Clinical Excellence and we have an active FARE Community Engagement Council. There are many action points here wanting for solutions. We are looking for help to make a difference.

FEL 7/25/2017

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Indianapolis Pollen Counts for Thursday July 20th through Monday July 24th, 2017

We are still in that pollen hiatus: that time between the end of the grass season and the beginning of the ragweed season.

Weed counts for the past 5 days have been low ranging from 1-5 grains of weed pollen per cubic meter of air sampled for the day. The weeds are mostly the same nettle and plantain that have been out there for weeks. Recently, a few chenopod weeds have shown themselves.

Pollen Counts 7-20 to 7-24







FEL 7/25/2017

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Support FARE at the Indianapolis FARE FOOD ALLERGY Heroes Walk – Saturday August 19th, 2017

FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk is Saturday August 19th at White River State Park in Downtown Indianapolis – 10:00 am.

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Indianapolis Pollen Counts for Wednesday May 24, 2017

All three pollens were at moderate levels today;  tree – 58, weed – 24, and grass – 7 grains of pollen per cubic meter of air sampled for the day. The trees were hickory and mulberry. The weed was the pollen of plantain.

May 24, 2017






FEL 5/24/2017


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