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My daughter Bethany is an excellent photographer. I frequently look to her for pictures to use in this blog. She has an excellent eye and she has a very pretty daughter Stella to take pictures of. She posts many of her pictures and she is very generous in allowing others to use them, just as long as they credit her for the work. We would hear from her how information services would use her work. She has had her pictures in Washington D.C. publications and I think even with the Wall Street Journal.

So my wife is looking at the web site to see which pictures have been used elsewhere and yes she found my picture on two sites. My dilemna is what to do about it.

The first is a publication from Arizona about finding a pediatrician who works well with children especially children with challenges. The picture is of me, in a white doctor’s coat holding Stella in the air. We are both enjoying the moment. The problem is that Stella (thanks be to the Lord) is very healthy and my area of specialty is allergy and not child development. The article along with the picture does make a very nice point and I am okay with it. However it is the next posting that worries me.

You may have heard a story not too long ago about a gentleman from Russia who had a tree growing in his lung. We found an article on this topic and there is a picture of a doctor with the caption “We check for trees, da?”. Was I surprised to see that the picture of the doctor was me!! I laughed about it. Then I got concerned about it as well. I have never seen such a patient. It sounds like a ‘Ripley’s believe it or not’ entry- man has tree growing in lung and keeps local squirrels suppied with acorns. The tree thing was an obvious hoax. They really should have picked some other picture- that one has me wearing a white coat with the Riley Children’s Hospital logo on it.

It was pretty funny. If you post pictures on the internet, others can use them and they may wind up in strange places. I will let this go but be watchful in the future.

Bethany now does not allow the use of her pictures so freely. She is busy with a new direction for her talent. Check out this site to see the great work she does.

Fred Leickly

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