The ‘Silly Pizza’ Dance!

The institution of ‘day care’ is very interesting. In my allergy/immunology practice I see a good number of children for evaluations of their immune systems due to recurrent infection. The concern is that there may be a problem with the immune system that predisposes them frequent infections. All too often the problem began in the child when day care started. So I am used to seeing day care as a possible reason for more cough and colds. This does make sense due to exposure to other children.

Stella, my favorite granddaughter goes to day care. Day care is a fact of life for working parents. And yes she has had the human equivalent of kennel cough. What has really caught my attention is what the little lady is learning in day care and I am amazed! Stella is 16 months old now.  At 16 months verbal communication is developing, however she has learned at school and via her parents sign language. Really! She can communicate ‘more’ and ‘enough’. She also knows the sign words for a most amazing silly pizza.

Stella has done the silly pizza song at family gatherings. Most recently my son Brandon was married and at Brandon and Amanda’s wedding she entertained the families with ‘Silly Pizza’.

With my ever present encouragement, Stella’s mom (daughter Bethany) made a video for me with Stella doing the Silly Pizza song.

Silly Pizza Song from L.A. King on Vimeo.

I love this video- I have the song ringing in my head and now it can ring in your head as well. I hope you enjoy it.

Fred Leickly

September 15, 2009 · fleickly · 4 Comments
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  1. Stella's Mom - September 15, 2009

    Stella’s “kennel cough” is gone now–after a course of albuterol! She only coughs when she has a cold. Which is, um, often.

    I’d also like to add that Stella also knows the signs for:
    ice cream

    I’d love to take the credit, but besides the two signs for “more” and “all done,” Stella has learned all of these from the Signing Times DVD, the very same one with the Silly Pizza Song. She can say these words too, in addition to other words.

  2. fleickly - September 15, 2009

    That’s my girl! It is a great way to communicate when you are trying to put spoken language together. Anyway, …
    Typical for a ‘pa’ to mess up on some of the details.

  3. Stella's Mom - September 16, 2009

    You didn’t mess anything up! Sorry if my comment came across that way.

  4. Fred Leickly - September 16, 2009

    Not at all- I wasn’t totally sure where all of her instruction was coming from. I recall that some was from the day care and part was you too.
    I wanted to be sure everyone got the proper credit.