Measuring Allergic Airway inflammation in Asthma

What is new for asthma diagnosis and treatment.

A message was forwarded to me about a news broadcast from Chicago that highlighted a tool that can be used to help with asthma diagnosis and management. The FDA has recently approved this according to the message. This tool is the measurement of exhaled nitric oxide (eNO). In allergic asthma  airway inflammation involves numerous inflammatory cells especially eosinophils. These inflammatory cells have a marker for their involvement and activation called nitric oxide. We are able to measure this by-product of airway inflammation in the breath. I also received another link on this measure of airway inflammation. In this second newsbroadcast Dr. Wolfe, an allergist, does a nice job in explaining this test, this measure, and allergic asthma.

This is not a new procedure. At Riley Hospital our group has been using this measurement in the care of children with asthma. It is nice to see that the concept of eNO is catching on and its value is appreciated.

I feel that a measure of eNO offers a significant amount of information regarding the role of allergy and the level of control patients with asthma have. I use eNO measures frequently in my Allergy/Asthma practice.


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