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Ragweed Day- August 15th, 2010

Today is Ragweed Day- I am not sure where this originated, but August 15th is the official start of Ragweed season. I am not much for predictions, however this has been quite a year for nature. The Indianapolis Star noted that Indiana will once again have a great harvest of its crops this year. On […]

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Why House Dust Mite Avoidance is Hard

Another way to title this is ‘Why allergists can be meanies’. How could we even think of shattering such a peaceful, tranquil, and sweet image? I wonder if this is the more commonplace reality of young children and stuffed animals. A colleague of mine, Dr. Veda Ackerman once told me that an allergist can never give a […]

August 12, 2010 · fleickly · 3 Comments
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