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When the Doctor is the Patient

Five days ago I underwent a total hip replacement (left). For the past two years I have been hobbled by something called osteoarthritis: a degenerative condition of the joint in which the catilage has ebbed away leaving the long bone of the leg rubbing against the bones of the pelvis. Discomfort in standing and walking […]

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A Practical Approach to Food Allergy

This lecture was given at our Pediatric Pulmonary Update: Today’s Challenges – November 3, 2010 at the Ritz Charles, Carmel, Indiana. Our Section of Pediatric Pulmonology, Critical Care, and Allergy at Riley Hospital for Children offers this CME program every two years. This year’s topics came from requests from primary care physicians. The title was […]

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Giving the Influenza Vaccine to Egg Allergic Children

It is that time of the year again-Flu Shot Season. The influenza vaccine is available and there are recommendations for children to receive the vaccine to protect them and others from the ‘flu’. In the past, influenza vaccination was a concern in a child who had an egg allergy. In this situation, the vaccine was […]

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Indianapolis Monthly Top Doctors 2010

  Last year I posted a notice of thanks to my colleagues who helped me achieve the honor of being listed in Indianapolis Monthly “Top Doctors”. The honor has been repeated for 2010 and again my sincere thanks to those who supported my nomination.  This year the listing includes 194 physicians in 49 specialties. Under […]

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Peanuts and Pregnancy-A risk factor?

Maternal consumption of peanut during pregnancy is associated with peanut sensitization in atopic infants. S. Sicherer, R. Wood, D. Stablein, R. Lindblad, W. Burks, A. Liu, S. Jones, D. Fleischer, D. Leung, and H. Sampson. JACI 2010 in press How does peanut sensitization occur? How can we prevent peanut sensitization? What are the risk factors […]

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