Golden Rules of Pediatric Allergy- circa 1960

I was recently purging my files and came across this handout. Unfortunately there is no date, no author and there are no references for these statements. This was given to me during my pediatric clerkship at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital (Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio). Pediatrics was my first clerkship. So, I have had this since the fall of 1978. This document was a handout for a lecture on allergy given to the medical students.

My recollection is that an allergist by the last name of Rome was the speaker. Since this was well before the days of the internet, I was unable to verify Dr. Rome. I would like to reference the author of the ‘Golden Rules of Pediatric Allergy’ and try to get a fix as to when these were written. My guess is that this is from the  1960’s. These ‘rules’ are almost 50 years old.

I love history. If you know your history you know where you come from and that helps when you set your sites on where you need to go. Allergy enjoys a history as well. So, where did these come from? Was there evidence to support these contentions?

Some of these statements have gone by the wayside- many have been disproven over time (that is what evidence-based medicine will do), some have never been proven to be true, some may be dangerous given our current knowledge, and some still remain true to this day- especially rule #33.

Some of these rules are still being practiced, prescribed and proscribed. You could almost tell when a physician was trained when some of these re-surface. I had rule #45 present recently.

This will be a dynamic document. My plan is to look into each rule, try to determine why it became a rule. Then see what we have in the 21st century to support or refute it.

So, I will need support on this project. Please feel free to help with comments and hopefully references.

Also note that I retyped the ‘rules’ and was exact in my work. What follows is verbatim, including any and all grammatical and spelling errors. Please click the link to access the ‘Golden Rules of Pediatric Allergy’.


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