A Great Day in the Clinic

Today was an exceptional day in the Allergy Clinic. I see three new patients in my afternoon session. Today, two of the three children had problems that I had published on and one had something that I also struggle with.

During my fellowship in allergy, I worked with family in which 7 boys were affected with X-linked agammaglobulinemis. I published a paper about their interesting presentations. One of my kids today had this condition and a number of associated problems. It was refreshing and hopefully helpful to the family who was here to see me about possible allergies.

The next was a young man of 12 years who had over the past year complaints of a scratchy throat, itchy mouth, and a garbled voice after eating watermelon. It also happened with banana, grapes, avocado, and cantelope. This is the oral allergy syndrome. I struggle with this too. My reaction to watermelon prompted one of our allergy fellows at Henry Ford Hosptial to do a research project on the problem. That work also resulted in a publication.

So two of my three patients today had clinical problems that I had written about and had published on.

It was a great day indeed.

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