Indy’s Child- Peanut Allergy Post

 An article, Understanding Peanut Allergies: Considering the factors before you become peanut-free, appears in this month’s Indy’s Child. I was interviewed for a program called ‘Riley Speaks’ and this was a topic of great interest.

A few things to add. I prefer the use of the term ‘peanut-safe’ in deference to ‘peanut-free’. The terms safe and free may have the same intent, however they may be practiced differently. For example, peanut free would mean that no peanuts would pass through the threshold of the institution- that is the policy, that is the law. Now consider ‘peanut-safe’. When you are peanut-safe, it includes the previous concept and adds the idea of continued vigilance; always checking, always looking, being active about keeping peanuts away from those who may have life-theatening events with exposure.

The other item I would add is that at this time, since I write all the material for allergy at Riley, you would have to check out this website for more information. The gets you to the children’s hosptial website and how to access the children’s hospital. They are working on topic postings.

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Fred Leickly (12-11-2011)



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