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Exposures to Peanuts

Inadvertent exposures in children with peanut allergy This is an interesting article. This theme has appeared in the literature previously, here it is done on a much grander scale with over 1000 children in the study. For those families/patients who start on this scary journey of peanut allergy an article like this gives an overall […]

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Things Patients and Physicians Should Question

It would seem that there is significant amount of interesting material in the news. This is my 4rth post in two days. I subscribe to ‘MedPage Today’- an online source for hot topics. This hot topic appeared in the Indianapolis Star yesterday. It is of note and it is comforting to see in print efforts […]

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Squeekin Deacon- You made my day

This made my day. Deac is a young man who I have been seeing  for his asthma for 6 years . I was very impressed by the memo he wrote for himself regarding his condition and his medications. He knows I always ask and I ask him about his medications. This time he had everything written […]

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Exciting and interesting items from the AAAAI meeting

Each year the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology has an annual meeting. For 2012 it was held in Orlando, Florida. I had two tasks while there; first to learn and update my understanding of allergic conditions, secondly to interview candidates for a position for a third allergist at Riley Hospital. On that second […]

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Changing Clinics

I am making a major change in clinical practice. For some time now I have struggled with the need to see more children who need food challenges to help clear-up the issue of sensitization vs. true food allergy. My guess is that the immediate future for allergy is to help families who have been given […]

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