Changing Clinics

I am making a major change in clinical practice. For some time now I have struggled with the need to see more children who need food challenges to help clear-up the issue of sensitization vs. true food allergy. My guess is that the immediate future for allergy is to help families who have been given the diagnosis of food allergy – perhaps based on multiple skin prick tests that were performed or due to blood tests for allergy that came back surprisingly positive for something that was never ingested (so why is the test positive and why was it done if there was no exposure?) or had been a regular part of the child’s diet and there was no observed reactivity with exposure.

The clinic space does not exist at the Riley Outpatient Center (ROC) and I need space to run my clinic and to run food challenges. The clinic administration for the Riley Specialists at IU Health North have helped me find space and now I can expand my practice and take care of these food allergy needs.

Beginning in July, 2012, I will be moving my practice to the northside- IU Health North. I will no longer be runnning an allergy clinic at the ROC. Dr. Vitalpur will be taking on some of my clinics at the ROC and I will be up north seeing children everyday. The schedule will have dedicated rooms for performing food challenges.

I am looking forward to this change in venue,



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