Squeekin Deacon- You made my day

This made my day. Deac is a young man who I have been seeing  for his asthma for 6 years . I was very impressed by the memo he wrote for himself regarding his condition and his medications. He knows I always ask and I ask him about his medications. This time he had everything written down. As you will see he had a great handle on the phonetic spelling of medications . He really did a great job. I went over his list with his mother to make sure I had it right. We all had a good laugh about some of the spellings- Outstanding! I was puzzeled by what he meant for one of his medical conditons.

Here goes (and I am reading this from his note)-

Medicine I take /and other stuff to now-

  1. advare-2 puffs a day
  2. ventalen-2 puffs a day
  3. nasenex-1 spray in each nose a day
  4. singular- 1 pill a day

I am alergic to = tree nuts

I have asmu

I go to doctors every four months

What caused me to hesitate was his medical condition. The medications sounded right, but I needed clarification on asmu-Wow did I get it!

Thanks Deac for sharing, Let me now if you want your list back.

FEL 4-4-2012

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