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Welcome Anna

  Welcome Anna- born October 4rth, 2012. Grandchild number 4 and grandaughter number 2. She was born at IU Health North. It was great to walk down the hall and visit her. Now grandma and I can work on spoiling her!  FEL                

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ALCAT- Antigen Leukocyte Cellular Antibody Test

There are a significant number of tests available that are used in the diagnosis of allergy. There are numerous posts on this site about allergy testing. Some allergy tests are considered gold standards, some are state of the art, and others are just plain nonsence. Appropriate and valued allergy tests results, when linked to a […]

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Tree Nuts/Tree Nuts and Pregnancy: Avoid or not???

Should a mother eat peanuts or tree nuts during pregnancy? Will the avoidance of these foods help decrease the occurrence of peanut sensitization and allergic disease in the child? These are questions that we have struggled with for ages. This is an impossible question to answer definitively. How could you ever set-up an ‘experiment’ in […]

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Allergy Fast Facts

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) puts out a newsletter each month (AAP News). This month there was a few inserts; one dealing with the 2012-2013 Influenza Vaccine Guidelines and the other was ‘Fast Facts on Allergy Testing’. ‘Fast Facts’ was written by Dr. Scott Sicherer for the AAP Section on Allergy and Immunology. This […]

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Another Resolved Peanut Allergy

The events of today come with very mixed emotion. There is great joy in Griffin’s household – the fear and trepidation regarding peanut allergy has been resolved. The young man underwent a successful peanut challenge today. He will now eat peanut products 3 or more days per week to stay tolerant to peanuts. We used […]

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