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Trying to sort out which foods cause which problems.

Everyday in clinic is different and every child comes in with a unique history matched with equally unique parental concerns. Today I saw a delightful young lady who struggled with a very frustrating clinical condition called eosinophilic esophagitis (ee) and she had hives with contact with food (she was of that age when food can […]

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AAAAI Meeting Highlights-2014

  This is a long over-due review of the most recent American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI) meeting held in San Diego February 28th through March 4rth, 2014 in what was then a very rainy San Diego. I want start with a review of a talk that I almost didn’t attend. The title […]

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Food Allergy 101- a talk for the Carmel Newcomers Club

This Thursday (4-17-2014) at noon I am the guest speaker for the Carmel Newcomers Club. This event is at the Oak Hill Mansion in Carmel. You need to be a member of the club or an invited guest to attend. They have asked me to talk about food allergy. The title is Food Allergy 101. I […]

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Respiratory Tract Allergies in Children

I was quoted in an article posted in the Indianapolis Recorder. I was asked a number of questions about respiratory tract allergy in children. Check it out. FEL 4-10-2014

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