Recuperating from surgery, a most welcome gift basket

It was two weeks ago today that I underwent a total hip replacement. Now both hips are bionic- or how about titanic ( does that work with titanium?) Convalescence is tough. The biggest issue is getting motivated. getting up and running- doing something. That will take time.
My wife brought home from IU North a get well card from the clinic team- thanks for all the encouraging comments guys. She also brought back a basket of goodies. That made my day!
According to Sara and Rachel, the basket is distinctly ‘Fred’ which means things that I have in the office, do in the office and talk about are represented.
Up front are two plants; a little terrarium and a Venus fly trap-Once I was successful with keeping cacti going, I ventured to the Bonsai tree. The newer one is going great. As for the Venus fly trap- watch ‘Little Shop of Horrors.
Behind the plants- candy, sustenance, sugar including a supply of product for my cotton candy maker. My daughter got that for me a few years ago. She knows that cotton candy is my favorite food. Interestingly, the cotton candy maker has only been out when the grandkids are with us. Of note, it a child can’t keep calories down due to a gastroenteritis, that melt in your mouth source of calories does tend to stay down.
The last row has three books, Mental Floss- always a good way to prevent brain decay, Sudoku, granddaughter Stella got me a Sudoku book for Christmas- I have not been able to complete even the first level of that book, perhaps this one can lead to more solutions. Lastly, Classic Trains- reviving Lionel Trains has been a recent hobby- the basement is full of them.
So thanks guys- yes truly a ‘Fred’ oriented basket.

Gift Basket 50x50









FEL 9-17-2014

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