Peanut Free Day at the Ballpark

The Indianapolis Indians are having a peanut free day- this Wednesday evening (April 29, 2015). The stadium crew will take extra care to eliminate peanuts and peanut containing products will not be sold that night so those who are concerned about peanut exposures, an intense effort is being made to make it safe. There is always that caveat that there is no 100% guarantee that all traces will be eliminated, but they are trying their best.
Indy POCHA will be there. I was asked for a few suggestions-
1. A warm thank you to the clean-up crew who cleared the stands of peanuts.
2. A recognition of thanks to the Indianapolis Indians organization for doing this.
3. A note of thanks to POCHA for making this work- representatives will be there to offer information.
4. Changing ‘Take me out to the Ball Game’ lyrics to remove peanut and cracker jack- that would make the event even more peanut free.
See you out there!

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