Take Me Out to the Peanut Free Ballgame

Last Wednesday (April29th, 2015) the Indianapolis Indians had a peanut free game. Perhaps even the song sung at the 7th inning stretch was without peanuts and crackerjack. The crew had the stadium cleared of peanuts and the concessions did not sell peanuts. As usual, security guards were checking bags for lethal weapons- that night, given all the children that were there, a peanut could have been considered lethal as well.

What a wonderful night for the children who have peanut
allergy and their families. A warm hearted thanks to the organizers- Lauren of
PoCHA and to the Indianapolis Indians organization for doing this. I am a
pediatric allergist with Riley – IU Health. Our group has been very involved
with peanut allergy. Over the past 4 years we have over 900 children enrolled
in our Peanut Registry. The problem of peanut allergy is common, concerning,
and active within our community. Lives are affected and quality of life suffers
for the kids and their families.

I was at the game and sat by the PoCHA display. My role was
to help with questions- and there were many.

What hit me the hardest was not a question, but a story of
something that happened at the baseball game. A mother who was waiting at a
concession stand had heard someone ask about the absence of peanuts and someone
else replying that they (the peanut allergic families) were ‘ruining it for
everybody else’. That mom did not let that comment rest, she went on the
offensive sharing with them, making them AWARE of the issues with peanut
allergy. After all was said and done, she proudly walked back to the PoCHA
display and shared with us her encounter. She ordinarily would have not be so
verbal, but she saw an opportunity regarding comments made, and shared her
perspective as a mother of a child with peanut allergy who was (finally) able
to safely see an Indianapolis Indians baseball game. Good for her.

Hopefully, this type of event can be repeated.

Thank you PoCHA Indianapolis for all you do and to the Indianapolis Indians for hosting this event.

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