An Interesting Day in Clinic- Peanut Allergy

I posted this story on my Facebook medical page-

Bad day for peanut allergy in clinic today. We got rid of the diagnosis of peanut allergy in three children in one day!
We did peanut challenges on a 5 year old, a 2 year old, and an 8 month old. Two passed the food challenge- one out grew his peanut allergy and the other demonstrated that the positive test to peanut due to his atopic dermatitis was a false positive result. The last child was offered the ‘LEAP’ protocol having an egg allergy. That 8 month old was the youngest child that we have given a peanut product to. There were a few anxiety-provoking moments, but we all got through them.

Currently- 24 hours out, this reached over 1100 people.

FEL 6/11/2015


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