Influenza Vaccine – 2015

This year the ‘Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices’ has made a change in their guidance for influenza vaccinations in the egg allergic population (MMWR August 7, 2015).

History of egg allergy-

Patient experiences hives with egg exposure —-

1. vaccine to be given by a provider familiar with the manifestations of egg allergy AND

2. a 30 minute observation period is required

Patient has a serious systemic reaction to egg (angioedema, respiratory distress, vomiting, loss of consciousness- or required epinephrine or any other emergent intervention)-

1. Refer to allergy clinic

Children able to eat lightly cooked eggs (scrambled) without a reaction are unlikely to be egg allergic. Many egg allergic children can tolerate heated egg products- these children can still have egg (vaccine) reactions. Your allergist can determine the clinical relevance of egg allergy in this population.

If egg allergy is suspected and the reaction is severe, an allergy consultation is suggested.

The change in the algorithm is the addition of the history of eating lightly cooked egg without a problem. We have seen this statement about ingestion of the cooked egg products appear in prior recommendations over the years. This was not part of last year’s protocol. (F. Leickly 11/5/2015)

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