A story to share from clinic. This is one of those stories that is very common in daily life, but not all that common in the clinic. My guess is that the referring provider may not have experienced this, had never known anyone to have this complaint, and probably never had a parent express these concerns.

The chief complaint was mucus balls in the throat. They were hard, mostly irregularly shaped-almost like a tiny cauliflower and smelled, no rather reeked, of an aroma that was reminiscent of some former living animal that decided to die under your porch.

The young lady had ‘Tonsiliths’ or ‘Tonsil Stones’.

Many of us have experienced this, it is fairly common however, it is rarely brought up in casual conversation and it rarely something shared during a clinic visit. These stones are nasty and foul smelling- they will never be part of an awareness campaign.

They are made of mucus, dead cells, food debris, and of course our oral bacteria which contribute to many odiferous compounds- hydrogen sulfide (bad eggs), methyl mercaptan (rotten cabbage), and others we need not mention. All the ingredients for the stones form in the crypts of the tonsils. Calcium is added to the mix to ossify the mass.

These stinky little stones can cause a few real problems; sore throat, halitosis (fancy word for bad breath), ear pain, and tonsillitis.

They happen to occur more frequently in those who have chronic tonsillitis. One obvious remedy is to remove the tonsils.

Clearly not an ‘allergy’. The mother struggled with this as well. What followed was interesting- being told I was the first to define this problem for her. She was so pleased that for some reason she wanted to take me home (?). I also got quite a big hug as well.


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