Teal Pumpkin Halloween

Teal Pumpkin Project.
Monday is Halloween- I recall when I was a cub scout (only a few years ago) at our Halloween Pack meeting all the cubs (now being a Cleveland Indian fan I do not want to mention anything related to that team in Chicago- Go Tribe!) would come to the meeting dressed up in their Halloween costumes.
Each of us had to say a little quip. My mom was the den leader and she put this together for me;
‘Three hundred and sixty four days of the year, I am a cowboy or farmer, but on Halloween, my secret dream is to be a knight in armor.”
My usual costume involved a lot of cardboard, tin foil, and a used KFC bucket for my helmet.
Halloween should be fun for kids and families. It is scary and can even be more scary because of what may lurk in the ‘treat’ part of trick or treat for a food allergic child.
The tradition is candy- and lots of it. The problem is that candy can contain, may contain, and may be made on the same machinery with foods that cause allergic reactions. The smaller individual packages may not have a label that lists contents.
Word of advice- and our patients have heard me say this before- If you do not know what is in the product- DO NOT EAT IT!
The Teal Pumpkin project is a welcome answer for a safe Halloween for the food allergic children. The founders clearly challenged the tradition that the treat needs to be a food. I looked at the Halloween rules and I did not see a bylaw indicating that all treats must be food.
Those who try to forward food allergy awareness (FARE) suggest that a Teal Pumpkin be there to greet the young ghouls, goblins, Steves (minecraft-Calvin), princesses, and knights etc. who march to your door and demand a NON-FOOD TREAT FROM YOUR TEAL PUMPKIN- or you will be tricked.
Last year we set up our Teal Pumpkin in our Allergy Clinic. This year, FARE sent one to us as well. Always with the parent’s permission, we allow the youngster to pick a treat from our Halloween bowl.
I should know better- I held the bowl out for a family of kids to make choices and I think I was standing there patiently waiting for 20 minutes before all were satisfied.
Have a safe TEAL Pumpkin Halloween- from all of us at IU Health North Pediatric Allergy.

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