Indianapolis Pollen Counts Tuesday July 11th through Thursday July 13th , 2017

Not much going on. The rain or the fact that it is July may have something to do with the lack of pollen activity recently. There has been a significant amount of rain this year. According to Indy Star we have had 35.63 inches of rain this year compared to last year’s 23.54. Rain will help plant growth, however many plants do not thrive in flood plains and will need a break with sunshine to grow.

Weeds were low for the past three days at 0.3, 4, and 2 grains of nettle or plantain weed pollen per cubic meter of air sampled for the day.

Weed 7-11 to 7-13







Grass pollen is almost gone with 0, 1 and 0 for the past three days.

Grass 7-11 to 7-13







FEL 7/13/2017

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