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It has been a very busy past few weeks. I have been remiss with postings. My plan is to get caught up. Hopefully, I can share the end of days for pollens in 2017. However- this is a very hot topic to share and this is a recruiting posting.
FARE has a registry. It is for those who have a food allergy abd for those who care for someone with a food allergy (parent).
Registries are a good thing and I encourage you to sign on. The Journal of Pediatrics accepted my paper on the peanut registry- it should be available shortly. Interestingly, not only will this be online as a contribution/paper but will be accompanied by a short (5 minute) slide show with audio that I was given the opportunity to create for the paper.
I signed on and sent invites to my three children to do the same.
FARE Registry Redo 1
FEL 11/14/2017

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