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Respiratory Tract Allergies in Children

I was quoted in an article posted in the Indianapolis Recorder. I was asked a number of questions about respiratory tract allergy in children. Check it out. FEL 4-10-2014

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Preventing the Development of Allergies

This article appeared one year ago. I was interviewed on our local Fox news station about it. I thought that I reviewed the paper for this site. That either didn’t happen, is coded as a secret, exists as a draft, or got lost. I do think that the messages in that article are valuable and […]

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Mislabeled Cow’s Milk Allergy

Mislabelled Cow’s Milk Allergy in Infants: A prospective cohort study A Elizur, M Cohen, M Goldberg, N Rajuan, and Y Katz Archives of Diseases of Children 2013;98(6):408-412. This is a very interesting article to share. Background– ‘Mislabelled’ (spell check does not like this, it came from the article) food allergy is more common and less […]

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Interesting Items from the AAAAI Meeting- 2013

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology had their Annual Meeting in San Antonio in late February, 2013. As is the habit of this author I would like to share a number of items that I found interesting, thought provoking, and potentially practice changing. The meeting started on Friday and ended on Tuesday. There […]

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The Food Allergic Child and the School

On Monday January 7th, 2013 I was invited to speak to a large group of school nurses about food allergy. The title was ‘The Food Allergic Child and the School’. For those unable to attend, just click on the title. That should direct you to Google Documents. The slides should be available to anyone using this […]

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Dichlorophenol Exposure and the Development of Allergy

This article appeared in the December issue of the Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology  and has gotten a significant amount of attention. I was interviewed by a local radio station about the article. When you interview for a newspaper or for  radio, you are never sure what the end-product will be. The interviewee is […]

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How the Allergrinch Stole Christmas

            The title is terrible and an obvious play on a great Doctors notable contribution to the literature. Okay, Dr. Seuss was not a physician and his books are often read to our children. A seasonal contribution is the all- time favorite, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The AllerGrinch may not have stolen anything, his […]

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Tree Nuts/Tree Nuts and Pregnancy: Avoid or not???

Should a mother eat peanuts or tree nuts during pregnancy? Will the avoidance of these foods help decrease the occurrence of peanut sensitization and allergic disease in the child? These are questions that we have struggled with for ages. This is an impossible question to answer definitively. How could you ever set-up an ‘experiment’ in […]

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Allergy Fast Facts

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) puts out a newsletter each month (AAP News). This month there was a few inserts; one dealing with the 2012-2013 Influenza Vaccine Guidelines and the other was ‘Fast Facts on Allergy Testing’. ‘Fast Facts’ was written by Dr. Scott Sicherer for the AAP Section on Allergy and Immunology. This […]

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Allergy Myth Information

When I began this website, I had in mind that I would use it to share perspectives and ‘pet peeves’. I have been more with the former versus the later. Now for a change of pace. One of my big pet peeves is myth information. That term is significantly different from mis-information. The use of […]

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