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Giving the Influenza Vaccine to Egg Allergic Children

It is that time of the year again-Flu Shot Season. The influenza vaccine is available and there are recommendations for children to receive the vaccine to protect them and others from the ‘flu’. In the past, influenza vaccination was a concern in a child who had an egg allergy. In this situation, the vaccine was […]

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H1N1 Influenza Vaccine and Egg Allergy

I just picked up a very limited supply of H1N1 from the Marion County Public Health Department. My thanks to them at this busy time is taking care of my request. The office was very engaged in packaging vaccine for the schools. I was able to get this supply for my population of children who have […]

December 9, 2009 · fleickly · 5 Comments
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Egg Allergy and Influenza Vaccinations

Dr. Vitalpur and I have had many calls about the influenza vaccination (both the usual annual vaccine and the new H1N1 vaccine) and children with egg allergy. We follow a number of children who are allergic to egg. Their reactions to egg include those who; are allergy test positive only, have hives with skin contact […]

October 8, 2009 · fleickly · 6 Comments
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Food Allergy Testing, Egg Sensitivity, and Flu Shots

The title here takes in a significant amount of material. Its intent is to get your attention to an old theme and to hopefully help with considerations of dealing with the need for a flu immunization (aka flu shot) in the face of egg sensitization (having a positive allergy test to egg). A young African-American […]

September 24, 2009 · fleickly · 4 Comments
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