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A message to share with your children.

A most terrible thing happened last week. We lost our 14 year old nephew. At the mass, Father James McPhillips gave a sermon. This sermon not only celebrated Kyle’s life, it also included a most powerful message to the young people who were in attendance. This was most touching. Father’s message was from the heart. […]

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Perspectives on Food Allergy

Being on the other side. As a pediatric allergist I hear the stories and share advice on how to handle situations. We need to keep the child out of harm’s way and we also want them to have the social interactions that they need and thrive on- an important part of a child’s development. A […]

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Recuperating from surgery, a most welcome gift basket

It was two weeks ago today that I underwent a total hip replacement. Now both hips are bionic- or how about titanic ( does that work with titanium?) Convalescence is tough. The biggest issue is getting motivated. getting up and running- doing something. That will take time. My wife brought home from IU North a […]

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Welcome Anna

  Welcome Anna- born October 4rth, 2012. Grandchild number 4 and grandaughter number 2. She was born at IU Health North. It was great to walk down the hall and visit her. Now grandma and I can work on spoiling her!  FEL                

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Congratulations Amanda

So we add a doctor of medicine to the family. Our daughter-in-law, Amanda, graduated from medical school last weekend. Now the really hard work begins-residency.

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Welcome to the world Calvin

On December 7th, grandchild #3 was born to Brandon and Amanda. Calvin Blair Leickly wanted to see the world in October, but was convinced to stay inside for 7 more weeks. Baby Calvin and his first time parents are doing well! Welcome Cal!! FEL

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Why House Dust Mite Avoidance is Hard

Another way to title this is ‘Why allergists can be meanies’. How could we even think of shattering such a peaceful, tranquil, and sweet image? I wonder if this is the more commonplace reality of young children and stuffed animals. A colleague of mine, Dr. Veda Ackerman once told me that an allergist can never give a […]

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Welcoming a New Family Member

We are proud to announce that we are grandparents for the second time. Miles was born on April 28, 2010 in Falls Church, Virginia. He joins his his now two year old sister Stella making the family a foursome. I spent the first part of my vacation visiting Miles and playing with Stella. She really […]

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The ‘Silly Pizza’ Dance!

The institution of ‘day care’ is very interesting. In my allergy/immunology practice I see a good number of children for evaluations of their immune systems due to recurrent infection. The concern is that there may be a problem with the immune system that predisposes them frequent infections. All too often the problem began in the […]

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Pictures and Portraits

My daughter Bethany is an excellent photographer. I frequently look to her for pictures to use in this blog. She has an excellent eye and she has a very pretty daughter Stella to take pictures of. She posts many of her pictures and she is very generous in allowing others to use them, just as long […]

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