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A story to share from clinic. This is one of those stories that is very common in daily life, but not all that common in the clinic. My guess is that the referring provider may not have experienced this, had never known anyone to have this complaint, and probably never had a parent express these […]

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A Peanut-Free Indianapolis Indians Baseball Game- Summary and Thanks

May begins Food Allergy Action month. Locally we got things started on Friday night (April 29th, 2016) with the second annual Indianapolis Indians ‘peanut’ free baseball game. Thanks to the hard work by the FASI (Food Allergy Support Indianapolis-formerly known as POCHA) team, the event was a success. Imagine a youngster who loves “America’s Game” […]

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An Interesting Day in Clinic- Peanut Allergy

I posted this story on my Facebook medical page- Bad day for peanut allergy in clinic today. We got rid of the diagnosis of peanut allergy in three children in one day! We did peanut challenges on a 5 year old, a 2 year old, and an 8 month old. Two passed the food challenge- […]

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Recuperating from surgery, a most welcome gift basket

It was two weeks ago today that I underwent a total hip replacement. Now both hips are bionic- or how about titanic ( does that work with titanium?) Convalescence is tough. The biggest issue is getting motivated. getting up and running- doing something. That will take time. My wife brought home from IU North a […]

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Squeekin Deacon- You made my day

This made my day. Deac is a young man who I have been seeing  for his asthma for 6 years . I was very impressed by the memo he wrote for himself regarding his condition and his medications. He knows I always ask and I ask him about his medications. This time he had everything written […]

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Making and Keeping Appointments

An interesting thing happened in the offices (Riley and North) this past month. I had only one new patient not arrive for a new allergy appointment. That represents a 98% rate of show for my new patients. That is great!! As with many offices, we also struggle with appointments made but not kept. What happened […]

February 1, 2012 · fleickly · 4 Comments
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A Great Day in the Clinic

Today was an exceptional day in the Allergy Clinic. I see three new patients in my afternoon session. Today, two of the three children had problems that I had published on and one had something that I also struggle with. During my fellowship in allergy, I worked with family in which 7 boys were affected […]

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When the Doctor is the Patient

Five days ago I underwent a total hip replacement (left). For the past two years I have been hobbled by something called osteoarthritis: a degenerative condition of the joint in which the catilage has ebbed away leaving the long bone of the leg rubbing against the bones of the pelvis. Discomfort in standing and walking […]

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Indianapolis Monthly Top Doctors 2010

  Last year I posted a notice of thanks to my colleagues who helped me achieve the honor of being listed in Indianapolis Monthly “Top Doctors”. The honor has been repeated for 2010 and again my sincere thanks to those who supported my nomination.  This year the listing includes 194 physicians in 49 specialties. Under […]

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Why House Dust Mite Avoidance is Hard

Another way to title this is ‘Why allergists can be meanies’. How could we even think of shattering such a peaceful, tranquil, and sweet image? I wonder if this is the more commonplace reality of young children and stuffed animals. A colleague of mine, Dr. Veda Ackerman once told me that an allergist can never give a […]

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