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Prescribing Epinephrine

Local members of the Indiana Allergy Society had a journal club this past Monday evening. It was a gathering of about 12 physicians. There were three allergists from Riley- who only see children and others who see a mix of adults and children. Those who devote their practice primarily to children did have a different […]

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Squeekin Deacon- You made my day

This made my day. Deac is a young man who I have been seeing  for his asthma for 6 years . I was very impressed by the memo he wrote for himself regarding his condition and his medications. He knows I always ask and I ask him about his medications. This time he had everything written […]

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  There is a very nice review about histamine and antihistamines in the most recent Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology by Drs. Simons and Simons. The review was to commemorate 100 years since the discovery of histamine as a mediator and 70 years since antihistamines have been available for clinical use. H1 antihistamines are […]

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