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Ornamental Grass Pollen Counts and Ragweed Counts for Indianapolis- September 16th, 2015

I got a chance to play detective and scientist today. I also may have something that ‘Rose Fever’ (aka grass-induced allergic rhinitis) also need to worry about: Ornamental Grasses. My pollen issue is with grass. We are taught that in this part of the country, grass pollen tends to appear in May and dwindle in […]

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Indianapolis Pollen Counts for Sunday March 22nd, 2015

Tree pollen counts were in the medium range today at 65. Maple and cedar tree pollen were predominant.         FEL 3/22/2015

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Respiratory Tract Allergies in Children

I was quoted in an article posted in the Indianapolis Recorder. I was asked a number of questions about respiratory tract allergy in children. Check it out. FEL 4-10-2014

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Pollen Counts for Indianapolis- 2013

Last Fall I was curious about comments made in the Indianapolis Star about seasonal allergies. Pollen counts for our area were referred to and I wondered where that information came from. Dr. Frank Wu had done area pollen counts for years. He no longer does the counts. According to the National Allergy Bureau (NAB)- there is […]

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Allergy Myth Information

When I began this website, I had in mind that I would use it to share perspectives and ‘pet peeves’. I have been more with the former versus the later. Now for a change of pace. One of my big pet peeves is myth information. That term is significantly different from mis-information. The use of […]

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Skin Testing for Aeroallergens

Position Paper: Practical guide to skin prick tests in allergy to aeroallergens I was alerted to this article by my partner Dr. Vitalpur. It comes from Allergy (European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology) 2011 . The purpose of the article was to provide ‘pocket guidelines’ from a consensus report regarding the use of allergy skin […]

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Does allergic rhinitis exist in infancy?

Does the baby have ‘allergies’? How often has this question been asked? Better yet, how often are infants and young children subjected to extensive/ expensive testing and related therapies based on the idea that they are struggling with nasal allergy? This is a common concern and a common diagnosis. I am not sure it is […]

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