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Allergy Fast Facts

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) puts out a newsletter each month (AAP News). This month there was a few inserts; one dealing with the 2012-2013 Influenza Vaccine Guidelines and the other was ‘Fast Facts on Allergy Testing’. ‘Fast Facts’ was written by Dr. Scott Sicherer for the AAP Section on Allergy and Immunology. This […]

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Using the Phadia Microarray for Peanut Allergy-Wishing it was readily available.

Yesterday (March 28, 2010), I saw a young lady of 4 years in our allergy clinic at the Riley Outpatient Center for concerns about peanut allergy. She had one of those infrequently seen presentations, at least infrequent in my pediatric peanut population. Her symptoms were most consistent with the oral allergy syndrome. The symptoms were […]

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Peanut Allergy Misdiagnosed in 2 out of 3 Cases ?

  Attacking Peanut Allergy   Peanut Allergy Misdiagnosed in 2 out of 3 Cases   This title from Medical News Today April 13, 2010 caught my attention.  It has always been a mystery as to why peanut allergy has increased dramatically over the years. This publication may shed some light on that mystery.    There are […]

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Almost Famous!

Is Your Kid Truly Allergic? Tests Add to Food Confusion  Last week I was interviewed by a reporter from the Wall Street Journal. The topic was food allergy. The reporter came across this website and thought that I be a good resource for her article. We had a delightful talk that went on for 45 […]

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Peanut Allergy vs. Peanut Sensitization

Allergy or tolerance in children sensitized to peanut: Prevalence and differentiation using component-resolved diagnostics. N. Nicolaou, M Poorafshar, C Murray,  A Simpson, H Winell, G Kerry, A Woodcock, S Ahlstadt, and A Custovic.  Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology(JACI) 2010;125:191-7. This article appeared in the most recent JACI. Almost as soon as I read the […]

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Phadia Allergy Tests and Asthma

In today’s (October 15, 2009) Indianapolis Star there was a very nice article by Shari Rudavsky. The article ‘Breathing Easier’  focuses on an entire family that struggles with asthma. This sharing of the human experience is very important for others who have asthma. Those who struggle with asthma are not alone. We can all learn […]

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Food Allergy Testing, Egg Sensitivity, and Flu Shots

The title here takes in a significant amount of material. Its intent is to get your attention to an old theme and to hopefully help with considerations of dealing with the need for a flu immunization (aka flu shot) in the face of egg sensitization (having a positive allergy test to egg). A young African-American […]

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