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I learned a ‘life lesson’ today.

learned a ‘life lesson’ today. There are two related parts to the lesson. Part 1- when you make a yogurt shake for lunch, close the lid. Part 2- do not put a yogurt shake with an unclosed lid in your soft leather, over the shoulder ‘briefcase’. There is a real chance that the shake will […]

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More Peanut Stories From Our Clinic

More to share today regarding peanut allergy. I saw a 7 month old young lady who has an older sibling (2 years old) with a peanut allergy. The family was well-read on all the developments regarding preventing a food allergy through the early introduction of highly allergenic foods. They wanted to prevent a peanut allergy […]

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Asthma and Peanut Allergy

‘Asthmatics with undiagnosed peanut allergy’. This presentation at the ATS (American Thorasic Society) meeting has been a very popular press topic over the last few days. It has also caught the attention of the two major organizations that represent allergists- the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI) and the American College of Allergy, […]

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Highlights from the AAAAI meeting- February 2015, Houston, Texas

Highlights from the AAAAI Annual Meeting, Houston Texas February 20-24th, 2015 This was a very busy meeting for me. Needless to say, Houston and specifically the convention center is the ideal place to have a meeting and to learn while at a meeting. In the immediate vicinity of the convention center, there is not all […]

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Hope For Preventing Peanut Allergy- A Review of the LEAP Study

What the heck! You are telling me to give my scratchy, itchy, eczema-affected child and/or my child with egg allergy- PEANUTS? Has the world gone ‘topsy-turvy’? This topic has gotten a significant amount of press. I have not looked at commentaries and editorials just yet so as to not to be swayed by other’s reviews […]

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Indianapolis Monthly ‘Top Docs’ 2014

I had the honor of being named one of the ‘Top Docs’ in the November issue of Indianapolis Monthly. Under the heading of Pediatric Allergy there are two names my colleague Dr. Girish Viitalpur and myself. This year they also asked to fill out a survey and one of my answers made it. The question […]

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Cashew Nut Allergy- A review of a review

I found a great review on cashew allergy. I presented this at our most recent allergy journal club. I found it very informative and we plan to make a patient information packet that includes this information. I need to see if reviews like this exist for the other tree nuts. We see a large number […]

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Primary Prevention of Allergy

Primary Prevention of Allergy Through The Diet Of Infants This talk was given for the Marion County Public Health Department ‘Healthy Babies’ conference May 13th, 2014. It is a formal presentation of the new guidance for hopefully preventing the development of allergies in those who are at risk. You can find the link on my […]

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Trying to sort out which foods cause which problems.

Everyday in clinic is different and every child comes in with a unique history matched with equally unique parental concerns. Today I saw a delightful young lady who struggled with a very frustrating clinical condition called eosinophilic esophagitis (ee) and she had hives with contact with food (she was of that age when food can […]

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          March 8, 2014 Chase Tower Indianapolis, IN This is a fund raiser for the American Lung Association (ALA).  As with most fund raisers, certain people take the lead. I am a member of Team Riley. I have made my donation for the cause. You can sign-up to run to the […]

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