Can We Prevent Food Allergies?

Presented 5/10/2016 at the 51st Riley Pediatric Conference – First Plenary Session.



Food Allergies: Guidelines for Diagnosing and Managing Them

This talk was given at the Second Annual Statewide Asthma Conference, sponsored by the Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition (InJAC).


Primary Prevention of Allergy Through The Diet Of Infants

This talk was given for the Marion County Public Health Department ‘Healthy Babies’ conference May 13th, 2014. It is a formal presentation of the new guidance for hopefully preventing the development of allergies in those who are at risk.


Food Allergy 101- Myths and Mythconceptions

This was a presentation to the Carmel Newcomers Club meeting on Thursday April 17th, 2014

Food Allergies 101; Myths and Mythconceptions.

Food Allergies: Guidelines for Diagnosing and Managing Them

This talk was given at the Annual Child Care Conference May 29th, 2013. It was a workshop shared with Dr. Vitalpur. The workshop included this interactive presentation on food allergy and a presentation on atopic dermatitis.

I used the audience response system with this. Questions were asked of the audience and the discussion focused on their responses. I also had a  few ‘Quickie Quizzes’. By asking questions and going over those answers helped make the learning experience more interactive and notable.

Food Allergies: Guidelines for Diagnosing and Managing Them

Choosing Wisely Campaign

This talk was given at our Pediatric Pulmonary Update. This was my first adventure in using the audience response system.

Choosing Wisely

Asthma as an allergic condition

The intent of the program was to look at asthma through the perspective of the pediatric allergist. The literature indicates that up to 85% of children with asthma may have an allergic component. When allergic sensitization is discovered in a young child who wheezes, it may portend a more chronic condition and there may be many years of struggling with the problem. Two specialty services will see children with asthma- allergy and pulmonary. There is no need for two specialties to be involved in a child’s asthma care. The pediatric allergist can take care of the asthma, the allergic triggers for the child’s asthma, and any of the other allergy concerns that are frequently seen in these children. The specialty of pediatric allergy is capable of helping with all the issues. Be sure to request allergy services for your asthmatic child.

This lecture was part of a program given by myself and my partner, Dr. Girish Vitalpur. The program was a CME offering by the department of Pediatrics at Riley, 2008. The 3 hour program was ‘Asthma as an Allergic Condition’.

The outline for the program was as follows;


Definitions and Background

Asthma and Allergy Connections- The Atopic March

The Allergy Evaluation for Asthma

Asthma Treatment- the Environment

Asthma Treatment- the Immune System

Case Discussions

You can access the lecture by clicking on the title.

I have posted these lectures a few times, for some reason they self-deleted. Please send me a note if your have a problem with access.



A practical approach to food allergy

This lecture was given at our Pediatric Pulmonary Update 11-2010. The learning objectives for this lecture were two;

To define what a ‘practical’ approach to food allergy really is.

To critically evaluate the tools available for diagnosing a food allergy.

Just click on the title to access the lecture.


Puzzling, Perplexing, Problematic Allergies in Children

This talk was my part of a three specialty approach – allergy, gastroenterology, and dermatology. I shared the podium with Drs. Travers and Gupta. Dr. Travers spoke on atopic dermatitis and Dr. Gupta spoke on eosinophilic esophagitis. My role was to tie in how type one or IgE-mediated reactions- classical allergy presents and how it is diagnosed.


Allergy Testing and Referral to the Allergist (with an emphasis on food allergy)

This talk was given in June 2010 at our Pediatric Pulmonary/GI lecture.


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