Patient Perspectives

Reason for this page

Every once in a while I here something in clinic or someone sends something that does not fit any of my established webpages. The topic has to do with the patient/child’s perception of their interactions. Recently, a mom shared with me a few comments made about me. That got me to thinking about using this site to share perspectives. This is not a too frequent experience. Howver, two such perspectives came my way in the last month. I thought they may be worthy of sharing.

It made my day to see what was said/written, so I decided to create a page where I can post comments like these (just as long as the creators agree to do this).

It made my day

We see many patients in our allergy clinics. All too often the child has already undergone some form of an allergy evaluation. Many times it works out well, but sometimes the evaluation brings fear, confusion, and terror into a family’s life. We alway hope that we are getting our message across and making a difference. It is great when you get one of those ‘warm fuzzies’ from a family. As with all comments, the family gave me permission to post their comments. The following is unfortunately a very common theme regarding food allergy.

Dr. Leickly, I am the father of Ava V, that you saw yesterday morning.  I just wanted to thank you for our appointment and helping us to understand what is happening with our daughter.  The last 6 weeks have been scary and hard not knowing what we were dealing with or how to deal with it, and we now have  piece of mind that some answers are coming soon.  We know cures are not out there, but we can at least deal with it in the most effective way now. We feel blessed to have found you.  Again, thank you so much and have a wonderful cruise! 




From the eyes of Gabe-

I have been seeing Gabe for a number of years for asthma. Gabe also struggles with ‘Asperger’s Syndrome’ which tends to flavor our visits- they are always very interesting. Gabe is a great kid and has a very supportive family.

Gabe’s mom shared this with me-

Subject: In the eyes of Gabe

This morning Gabe started to describe you on the way to school, “Dr. Leickly is my asthma doctor who is ridiculously tall, loves to joke, has cool eye-glasses, and always tells me in a deep voice, ‘I’m gonna give you a shot if you don’t behave!’ But, he never gives me a shot. He only uses nurses to give me a shot.” AND, his thoughts start to wander off. “I wonder if he uses walking sticks to make himself real tall because he is actually little.”

I think he left quite an impression in that little Aspie mind! I’ll be real impressed if you find another patient who can describe you more outrageously! It was so funny that I had to share this with you!

Now as the editor here, I do not ever recall mentioning a shot other than in the context of a recognized therapy for asthma. I am not sure how Gabe connected a therapy with a behavioral modification.

I asked his mother if it would be okay to post this. It is a very unique perspective. She agreed-

Re: In the eyes of Gabe

Are you serious???? If you want, Dr. Leickly! It’s all about YOU! You are the very 2nd doctor he ever liked so much. The first one is his PCP who has been taking care of him since Gabe’s “before human-form” days. His PCP doesn’t even threaten Gabe about a shot, so I guess he must like you a lot to let you threaten him about the shot and still think a world of you. It’s even ok to describe him as Aspie. He thinks his Autism is his super power, not something to be ashamed of. Thanks for being his doctor. Gabe once said he knows “the Shot Doctor” cares about him. That’s YOU, the Shot Doctor!

Well, I am an allergist and by the way, Gabe is not on allergy shots and is doing quite well with his asthma. This young man is quite a delight. This correspondence made my day.

Fred Leickly (4-12-2011)

A Hoosier Hero?

A few weeks ago a young man who I have followed for 14 years needed information about my background. CJ was applying for a scholarship in the ‘Hoosier Hero’ program. Needless to say, I was flattered, floored, and honored. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought of myself as a hero. Unfortunately, CJ did not win that scholarship, however he has been awarded a few others to help with his college career. We talked about his application during clinic and he forwarded his essay to share.

The world today is filled with inspirational and admired people.  There are those who have invented products and concepts that have impacted our world, others who have liberated nations, those who dazzle with genius and art, as well as those who have devoted their life to helping others.  Their inspiration comes from listening to what they say, studying what they did and applying their wisdom to our own lives.  Inspiration is passed from one person to another and one of the most inspiring and admired people in my life is a special man whom I met when I was just three years old, Dr. Frederick E. Leickly.  Dr. Leickly possesses a wonderful warm personality, his energy and passion for his work as well as his caring and supportive attitude have inspired me to achieve much more in my life than I ever thought possible, while being the best person that I can be and for that I am forever grateful.  Through his jovial interaction, supportive attitude, passion for his work, and strong desire to help others, I have learned to never take life too seriously, to have fun and enjoy life, to lead whenever possible, and to always try my best whatever situation may arise while still being true to myself.

Dr. Frederick E. Leickly was born in Cleveland, Ohio and has been a Hoosier since 1994 when he took a position at James Whitcomb Riley Hospital for Children and a part of the Indiana University School of Medicine as a Professor of Clinical Pediatrics.  He is involved in teaching Indiana pediatric residents, as well as a teacher to IU medical students.  He educates physicians in training and physicians in our state about the specialty of allergy/immunology as it affects children. Dr. Leickly has received many Indiana-based accolades.  He was the first physician to receive the Indiana Public Health Award, and given special recognition by the State Health Commissioner for his work in establishing the State of Indiana Asthma plan.  Dr. Leickly is the chairperson of this task force and has also served as chair of the Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition, and Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition Health Care Provider Committee for many years. Dr. Leickly has served as a consultant to many Hoosier Health care initiatives, and continues to have an impact in Indiana today.

I suppose that I admire Dr. Leickly most for beating the odds and surviving what life can throw at you.  He grew up in a tough neighborhood, the product of the Cleveland Public School System.  His family life was challenging, he lost his mother to breast cancer when he was 14, and later his sister succumbed to leukemia when she was only 14 years old.  Dr. Leickly was offered a wrestling scholarship at Wisconsin as well as an academic scholarship at Case Western Reserve, however, due to his family situation, it was necessary that he remain at home, commute to school and help where needed with the family.  Enduring these challenges and hardships Dr. Leickly’s inspiration shines through, enjoy and cherish life, not only your own but that of others, do unto others, and have empathy and compassion for all.  He believes that in today’s society you must be involved and help, lead if you can, and only criticize when you have a solution to offer.

Education has played a vital role in his success, attending Cleveland State University for undergraduate, and Case Western Reserve for medical school.  During his junior year of medical school he was elected to the medical honor society of Alpha Omega Alpha.  Dr. Leickly did his residency at Duke University Medical Center, and became the chief resident in pediatrics during his third year. In 2006 he decided to go back to school, entering a Masters of Public Health Program at Indiana University.   After receiving his Masters of Public Health he was elected into a MPH honor society.  Dr. Leickly believes that education fosters understanding and helps form the future.  He is a firm believer that one should never quit learning.  He would like all students to stay in school and make the most of it, stating we all have something in life that excites us and we must make it our passion.  He believes that when you work for something, it will have more value to you than if it was handed to you.

Dr. Leickly became a doctor he says, because medicine chose him, he graduated from Case Medical School in 1980 and finished his Pediatric Residency in 1983.  He has been on the job since 1985. For years he believed that he was going to be a research scientist in the area of Pharmacology.  His PhD program forced him to take classes in the medical school, his outstanding grades rewarded him with the honor of being the top graduate student.  When the department of pharmacology underwent changes, his advisor suggested that he talk to the dean at the school of medicine and he was admitted as a new medical student.  He immediately gravitated towards pediatrics, he says because he never grew up and is just a big kid.  As an allergist, Dr. Leickly enjoys the challenge of making a diagnosis, he loves sorting out histories of symptoms and exposures trying to link the two so that his selection of supportive tests makes sense.  Dr Leickly feels that being in the specialty of allergy, one must be skilled in history taking with the keen mind of a detective.

Dr. Leickly feels that one of his greatest accomplishments is having a loving and caring family, married for 37 years, with three children and three grand children.  Another significant accomplishment would be receiving a National Institute of Health research grant.  Dr. Leickly was one of the principal investigators for the National Cooperative Inner-City Asthma Study (NCICAS).  He has used many of the things he learned from the study to help children with asthma here in Indiana.  He also considers becoming a Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine another major accomplishment.

Dr. Leickly is a member of many organizations, he is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.  He is also as stated earlier an honorary member of the Indianapolis Asthma Coalition, and member of the Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition.  He is the advisor to the Southside Food Allergy Support Group, has helped Westfield Schools with food allergy issues, and also helped the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network walk.  In his free time he is able to enjoy one of his loves – history, he belongs to a Civil War re-enacting group, Indiana 49th volunteer infantry Co. D, and he is also a brother in the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

After all the success that Dr. Leickly has achieved, he continues to set goals for himself and his career. Dr. Leickly is truly a Hoosier Hero, he has been not only an inspiration to me for over 15 years, but an inspiration to many, touching countless lives over the years.  I find him fascinating, and inspirational, through his perseverance and optimism.      

 Thanks so much CJ for the very kind words. I am deeply touched and feel honored to have been of help to you and your family.

Fred Leickly (4-11-11)