Food Allergy/Asthma Connection(?)

Today at our Pediatric Pulmonary, Allergy, and Sleep section’s CME activity, I presented this talk on the connection of food allergy to asthma. To access this, go to the Lecture page or link Food Allergy/Asthma Connection (?) FEL 6/7/2016

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Asthma Burden Report- Indiana

You can download the ‘2011 Asthma Burden Report’ for our state (Indiana) and see what is going on in the world of asthma viz Indiana. I have a vested interest in asthma and have been a part of many community/public health initiatives regarding asthma. As such I have always been interested to see what is […]

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Increased Asthma Frequency and Asthma Severity in Children: The Asssociation with Atopy

Asthmatic children with atopy have more frequent and more severe virus-induced illnesses. During a career you hear many words of wisdom from your mentors who are with you seeing children in the office and from meetings, curbside conversations/consultations, and from the literature. The adage that allergic children get sick easier, more frequently, and have more […]

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Measuring Allergic Airway inflammation in Asthma

What is new for asthma diagnosis and treatment. A message was forwarded to me about a news broadcast from Chicago that highlighted a tool that can be used to help with asthma diagnosis and management. The FDA has recently approved this according to the message. This tool is the measurement of exhaled nitric oxide (eNO). […]

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