Food Allergy Epidemiology- Prevalence, Severity, Distribution, and Disparities. A Review.

Food Allergy Epidemiology in the United States The July issue of Pediatrics has an article entitled, ‘The Prevalence, Severity, and Distribution of Childhood Food Allergy in the United States’ by R S Gupta, E E Springston, M R Warrier, B Smith, R Kumar, J Pongracic, and J L Holl. The bottom line from this work […]

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Summary of a Summary-Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy in the United States

In the December 2010 issue of the premier journal for allergists (my opinion), the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (JACI), there is an article ‘Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy in the United States: Summary of the NIAID-sponsored Expert Panel Report’ . Many of our readers may not have access to […]

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Critically Reviewing the Literature on Food Allergy

Diagnosing and Managing Common Food Allergies: A systematic review. This week I am presenting at a seminar at the Riley Child Care Conference. The seminar was the idea of Dr. Sandeep Gupta (pediatric gastroenterology). The title is “Puzzling, Perplexing, Problematic Allergies in Children”. The third lecturer is Dr. Jeff Travers (dermatology). I have the task […]

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Almost Famous!

Is Your Kid Truly Allergic? Tests Add to Food Confusion  Last week I was interviewed by a reporter from the Wall Street Journal. The topic was food allergy. The reporter came across this website and thought that I be a good resource for her article. We had a delightful talk that went on for 45 […]

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Peanut Allergy vs. Peanut Sensitization

Allergy or tolerance in children sensitized to peanut: Prevalence and differentiation using component-resolved diagnostics. N. Nicolaou, M Poorafshar, C Murray,  A Simpson, H Winell, G Kerry, A Woodcock, S Ahlstadt, and A Custovic.  Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology(JACI) 2010;125:191-7. This article appeared in the most recent JACI. Almost as soon as I read the […]

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Food Allergy and Eosinophilic Esophagitis

There is an excellent, easy to read review on this topic in the January, 2010 edition of the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine (volume 77, number 1, pages 51-59)written by Sandra Hong and Nicola Vogel. As a review article the authors bring together a number of concepts from an evaluation of 58 peer-reviewed publications on […]

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Food Allergy among Children in the United States – Article Review

Food Allergy among Children in the United States Authors: Amy Branum and Susan Lukacs Reference: Pediatrics Volume 124 (6) December 2009 This title caught my eye. The impression in clinical practice is that more and more children have food allergy. This article looks at the prevalence of food allergy in children. I wanted to get […]

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Increase in Food Allergy in Children

Today’s Indianapolis Star (Sunday November 29, 2009) had an article “Researchers can’t explain rise in kids’ food allergies”. According to a study that will appear in the December issue of Pediatrics The number of children with food allergy is up to 18%. The information came from surveys of parents and health care organizations. This pre-publication […]

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