Food Allergy Action Month

May is ‘Food Allergy Action’ month and the week of May 8-14 is Food Allergy Awareness Week. Of note, I have been asked to present at the 51st Riley Pediatric Conference, May 10th at the first plenary session on the hot topic of food allergy prevention. A few weeks ago I was asked to write a […]

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ALCAT- Antigen Leukocyte Cellular Antibody Test

There are a significant number of tests available that are used in the diagnosis of allergy. There are numerous posts on this site about allergy testing. Some allergy tests are considered gold standards, some are state of the art, and others are just plain nonsence. Appropriate and valued allergy tests results, when linked to a […]

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Another Resolved Peanut Allergy

The events of today come with very mixed emotion. There is great joy in Griffin’s household – the fear and trepidation regarding peanut allergy has been resolved. The young man underwent a successful peanut challenge today. He will now eat peanut products 3 or more days per week to stay tolerant to peanuts. We used […]

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Choose Wisely Campaign

How would you like to undergo a blood test or have your child undergo a blood test only to discover that the test is of no clinical value in the day to day diagnosis and management of a medical condition? What if that test gave a result that was contrary to your own observations or […]

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Things Patients and Physicians Should Question

It would seem that there is significant amount of interesting material in the news. This is my 4rth post in two days. I subscribe to ‘MedPage Today’- an online source for hot topics. This hot topic appeared in the Indianapolis Star yesterday. It is of note and it is comforting to see in print efforts […]

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Oral Food Allergy Challenges

This is a very interesting article on food allergy. It involves the use of diagnostics used to declare ‘food allergy’ and how this declaration of a food allergy can be verified by doing a food challenge. This work was performed at National Jewish Hospital in Denver, Colorado. The reference for this is – Oral Food […]

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What to do about all those positive food allergy test results- The New Food Allergy Guidelines-2010

Undoing some of what has already been done? Our Indianapolis Star posted a story from Shari Roan. Ms Roan is reporter for the Los Angeles Times. The title of the article in the Star was ‘You may be allergic to a food . . . or not’ . The original article by Ms. Roan had […]

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Child Care Conference Lecture-Food Allergy Testing

On May 19th, 2010 I participated in the Child Care Conference. This has been a Riley tradition for many years. My colleague in Pediatric Gastroenterology, Dr. Sandeep Gupta put this idea together on ‘Puzzling, Perplexing, Problematic Allergies in Children. He wanted pediatric allergy, dermatology, and gastroenterology to present together issues common to each specialty that […]

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Critically Reviewing the Literature on Food Allergy

Diagnosing and Managing Common Food Allergies: A systematic review. This week I am presenting at a seminar at the Riley Child Care Conference. The seminar was the idea of Dr. Sandeep Gupta (pediatric gastroenterology). The title is “Puzzling, Perplexing, Problematic Allergies in Children”. The third lecturer is Dr. Jeff Travers (dermatology). I have the task […]

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Peanut Allergy Misdiagnosed in 2 out of 3 Cases ?

  Attacking Peanut Allergy   Peanut Allergy Misdiagnosed in 2 out of 3 Cases   This title from Medical News Today April 13, 2010 caught my attention.  It has always been a mystery as to why peanut allergy has increased dramatically over the years. This publication may shed some light on that mystery.    There are […]

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