Tree Nuts/Tree Nuts and Pregnancy: Avoid or not???

Should a mother eat peanuts or tree nuts during pregnancy? Will the avoidance of these foods help decrease the occurrence of peanut sensitization and allergic disease in the child? These are questions that we have struggled with for ages. This is an impossible question to answer definitively. How could you ever set-up an ‘experiment’ in […]

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Peanuts and Pregnancy-A risk factor?

Maternal consumption of peanut during pregnancy is associated with peanut sensitization in atopic infants. S. Sicherer, R. Wood, D. Stablein, R. Lindblad, W. Burks, A. Liu, S. Jones, D. Fleischer, D. Leung, and H. Sampson. JACI 2010 in press How does peanut sensitization occur? How can we prevent peanut sensitization? What are the risk factors […]

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